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Guide to Lens Markings

Select the LENS Markings below to find out more information

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Lens Filter Type (protection)

2, 2CUV (2C doesn’t affect colour recognition)
4IR filter
5 or 6Solar filter
1.7 to 7Welding filter if no shade number
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Scale Number (shade)

1.2Clear or Amber
1.4Blue or I/O Waterproof
1.7Minimises or I/O
2.5Grey or Revo
3.1Dark Grey or Mirror
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Identity of the Manufacturer

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Optical Class

1 - High Optical Quality

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Mechanical Strength

SIncreased strength
FLow energy impact, resists a 6mm, 0.86g ball at 45m/s
BMedium energy impact, resists a 6mm, 0.86g ball at 120m/s
AHigh energy impact, resists a 6mm, 0.86g ball at 190m/s

If protection against high-speed particles at extreme temperatures is required then the selected safety eyewear product should be marked with the letter T immediately after the 'Mechanical Strength' letter; eg: FT, BT or AT.

If the 'Mechanical Strength' letter is not followed by the letter T, the safety eyewear product shall only be used against high speed particles at an ambient temperature.

If the frame and lens display different certification marks (F, B or A), the lowest level should be assigned to the entire safety eyewear product.

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Optional Requirements

8Short circuit electric arc
9Molten metal splash
KResistance to scratches by fine particles
NResistance to fogging
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Certification Mark