Padded Face Seal Panoramic Vision Wear With Spectacles

SYNCRATM wide vision safety goggles seal and protect the eyes for enhanced safety and confidence. It offers an outstanding, close yet pressure-free fit for a prolonged and comfortable wearing experience. When worn with the accompanying face shield, additional face protection against liquid splashes and airborne particles is provided.

ClearRiley Anti-fog

  • Wide field of vision
  • Padded face seal
  • Strong polycarbonate lens
  • Indirect ventilation for comfortable airflow
  • Soft PVC/TPE frame and comfort nose bridge
  • Adjustable elasticated head strap
  • Molten metal splash protection
  • Can be worn over a prescription frame
  • Optional flip-up face protector
  • Weight: 106g (Goggle), 70g (Face Protector)